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Over two days, on 26th and 27th November 2020, CSOs attended a workshop organized at by BMF and JAB supported by Helvetas-EU to link their organizations with the media. Besides, media theories, the interactive sessions revolved around a media tool kit developed for CSOs with which CSOs could carry out research of a topic in hand which they want to communicate, collect primary contacts, create media alerts, design flyers and brochures targeted to specific audiences for dissemination of information. An important component of the workshop concerned designing a Social Media Policy for the CSO underlying the importance of social media to promote activities of the CSOs using a social media matrix encompassing engagement, impressions and reach. The workshop emphasized the importance of good use of social media via visual marketing, development of a social media policy, branding, auditing and strategizing the social media engagement with the target audience group to showcase the work of the CSOs on issues of national import to society.

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