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CRBS will not work in isolation. It will reach out to agencies in Government, private sector, civil society organizations and development partners within the country and abroad who are engaged in or have an interest in social research, especially in the areas of focus and interest to CRBS. We will collaborate with Research Partners as below:-

  1. Agencies may, in identification and acknowledgement of a problem needing more information and data and solution, need research to be done but do not have the capacity to undertake such research but have the funds to do research. CRBS can collaborate in carrying out the research with funds made available  by the commissioning agency. 

  2. Often agencies may have need for social research to be conducted but lack capacity. This is where CRBS can come in to collaborate in research design, research execution and production of knowledge through research results. The modalities of collaboration and the scope of work can be discussed in advance and resources to fund the research mobilized by either party or shared by both.

  3. CRBS designs the research and acquires full or partial funds for the research but requires supplementary funds and research inputs which the CRBS lacks but which is available with another organization. In such a situation, CRBS can collaborate in terms of mutual conduct and contribution of research inputs and funds.

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