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Activities may differ from year-to-year but in general the broad activities that CRBS will take up are described below:

Social Research

Design and conduct research in the social sciences through Centre initiatives but also collaborative research projects. Projects can be carried out with national and international individual researchers and research institutions, academics, CSOs/NGOs, businesses and studies commissioned by donors;

Dissemination and awareness-raising on research findings

Disseminate research findings through media as well as talks and seminars at national and international levels providing a platform for dissemination of research findings of CRBS and other researchers and research institutions. Other means of dissemination are symposiums, lectures, conversations and debates;


Create an online repository of research work. It will also maintain an on-site library with documentation on social research and social sciences;


Design and implement capacity-building events which will proceed through a process of capacity-needs assessment, design of curricula, training and evaluation. The Centre will carry out online and on-site educational activities through workshops, on-site and online trainings, field immersion schools, attachment of student researchers, volunteering opportunities and mentoring.


Interact with like-minded knowledge creating institutions both within Bhutan and abroad to forge alliances in knowledge creation events through  collaborative research, discussions

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