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8th Board of Trustees Meeting and Annual General Meeting (30th June, 2023)

The 8th Board of Trustees Meeting and Annual General Meeting of CRBS was convened on June 30th, 2023, together with the primary purpose of providing the Board of Trustees with updates on CRBS’s activities during the preceding three-month period (April 2023- June 2023), quarterly work plan, on-going activities, and next quarterly plan. The meeting commenced with opening remarks from Vice-Chair, Dr, Phuntsho Choden, Mr. Achyut Bhandari, Founder of CRBS, , and Executive Director, Mr. Saroj K Nepal, followed by the approval of agenda by the Vice-Chair and other Board members. The Board, recognizing the accomplishments and progress made by CRBS in past three months, also endorsed the assessment documents to implement Bhutan CSOs Accountability Standards 2023. Furthermore, CRBS took this opportunity to welcome all CRBS members to the AGM meeting and extend their appreciation for the valuable comments on CRBS research activities.

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