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7th Board of Trustees Meeting (30th March, 2023)

CRBS held its 7th Board of Trustees Meeting on 30th March 2023. The key objectives of the meeting were to inform the Board of Trustees on the activities CRBS undertook in the last six months (October 2022 - March 2023), discuss a fundraising strategy, opportunities, concerns, and the planned course of activities for next six months till the end of 2023. The meeting was opened with remarks from CRBS Executive Director, Mr Saroj K Nepal. The Chairperson, Dasho Sonam Tobden approved the agenda. The minutes of the Board Meeting conducted on 24th June 2022 were presented and approved by the Board of Trustees. CRBS also took this opportunity to welcome new Assistant Researchers, Ms Kinley Wangmo and Mr Arjun Nepal. CRBS is fortunate to have both Assitant Researchers, considering their diverse academic background, research skills, and past experiences. CRBS is optmistic that new ARs will help take CRBS forward. The Board, while acknowledging the activities and progress CRBS made over the last six months, also endorsed the annual work plan and fund raising strategy.

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