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☑ Vision:

The Centre for Research on Bhutanese Society envisions “Bhutan as a happy and harmonious Society built upon shared knowledge and common understanding.”

☑ Mission:

To be a premier social research organization creating knowledge and evidence for academia and pre-emptive policy decision-making and reforms.

☑ Purpose:

The purpose of the organization is to generate knowledge in the social sciences and contribute towards the development of social policy in Bhutan.

☑ Objectives:

Based on problems and situational analyses, the CRBS commits itself to identify social issues for research, conduct research studies to provide a forum for dissemination of research findings, exchange of ideas, network with social science institutions and stakeholders within and outside the country and promote education on social research in Bhutan.

☑ Scope of Activities:

The activities of the Centre will focus on conducting social research, production of publications for international and national academic journals, networking events within and outside the country on areas of common interest, and design and conduct educative and learning events like lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, summer classes, etc. on social issues.

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