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CNR Students Successfully Complete Month-long Internship with CRBS

On 21 May 2021, the two interns from the College of Natural Resources (CNR), Lobeysa, Mr. Tshering Dorji and Dawa Tshering (BSc. Sustainable Development, Final Year) completed their month-long internship with the CRBS. During their short internship they produced two concrete outputs. They drafted a research proposal on ‘Environment and Society’ and contributed to the draft research guidelines for CRBS. The interns also participated in in-house learning sessions on survey data analysis using SPSS and literature review methods and tools. This is the first ever internship programme that CRBS has hosted. With the aim to provide interns an opportunity to learn research topics to supplement college teaching and concurrently contribute to CRBS programmes, the internship programme can be mutually beneficial to both interns and mentors.

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